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Pelan Induk Landskap Shah Alam (PILSA) 2020 - 2035, Focus Group Discussion (FGD 01)

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

13 AUGUST 2020 – PEREKABANDAR was invited by Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam for Focus Group Discussion (FGD 01), Pelan Induk Landskap Shah Alam (PILSA) 2020-2035 at Hotel Concorde Shah Alam. The event was launched by Mayor of Shah Alam, Dato’ Haji Haris bin Kasim. A day event, towards more effective landscape governance, the consultant invited stakeholders and related parties for feedback and discussions. The sessions inclusive of validation of data collections, landscape character areas and landscape concept plan for Shah Alam. Effective collaboration between the consultant, MBSA, public, and NGOs sectors can bring ideas and perspectives to the table for better Shah Alam. Honorary Secretary, LAr. Dr.Rohayah Che Amat represents the event for PEREKABANDAR