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Module 7: Sense of Place and Place Theory, Placemaking Approach

2 Hours


2.00 PM

January 14, 2024

Lar. Dr. Rohayah Che Amat, PRBr

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

The module delves into the profound and multi-dimensional concepts that underpin our understanding of the environments we inhabit. It explores the intricate relationship between individuals and the places they encounter, illuminating the significance of these connections in shaping our lives and communities. The sense of place underscores the idea that places are not mere physical spaces but repositories of memories, histories, and identities. The lecture also delves into the broader concept of "place" as a dynamic and evolving construct. It investigates the interplay of physical, cultural, and social elements that define places, emphasizing how places are continuously shaped by human interactions and environmental factors. Case studies and real-life examples are employed to illustrate how a strong sense of place fosters community cohesion, well-being, and sustainability. It explores the implications of ‘placelessness’ in an increasingly globalized world, shedding light on the loss of identity and connection in generic, placeless environments. The lecture emphasises the role of urban design, architecture, urban planning, and cultural heritage in nurturing a profound sense of place and the factors that influence how to design the city towards creating a sense of place.

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