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Module 6: Responsive Environment

2 Hours


10.45 AM

January 14, 2024

Dr Mastura Adam, PRBr

Universiti Malaya

This module explains and discuss on the Responsive Environment, which is not about environmentalists, environmentalism, or even the environment “out there” in the shape of trees, hills and mountains, or anything. The emphasis is on the environmental and architectural psychology of perception and the experience of designed space on the human body and mind. It is about understanding the patterns of human behaviour in different designed environments, such as the impact of urban spaces and building on human behaviour or social movements within a public space. Responsive environment explaining about how people reacting quickly and positively towards the surrounding or conditions in which a person, animals and plant lives operate. In a nutshell, this topic focuses responsibility as a designer to sustain and create the quality of the built environment. There are several theories with regards to responsive environment in the field of urban design that determine how environment respond to the user using seven principles such as permeability, variety, legibility, robustness, visual appropriateness, richness, and personalization.

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