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Module 4: Contextual Integration

2 Hours


3.45 PM

January 13, 2024

Assoc. Prof. Dr Nurul Syala Abdul Latip, PRBr

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

This module focuses on contextual integration in urban design. Many cities have used urban design as one of the main tools to create a better public realm in an approach towards achieving more sustainable development. In achieving a better public realm, contextual integration is one of the key factors of urban design and essential in achieving a more sustainable urban environment. The operational term of contextual integration in this research is the physical and functional relationship that a development/ building has with its surroundings. The example of context upon which this module will concentrate on is the water body itself since most of the cities in Malaysia are located close to the waterbody. Cities which have a positive contextual integration with their water body allow the public to enjoy this amenity for a better quality of life. Therefore, law, policies, and guidelines which are geared towards achieving good contextual integration are important frameworks for a city to achieve this goal. It is hoped that this session can contribute as a reference for the future implementation towards achieving a better contextual integration in city development.

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