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Module 3: Urban Spaces in Malaysia

2 Hours


2.00 PM

January 13, 2024

1) Assoc. Prof. Ts Dr Norhafizah Abdul Rahman, PRBr
2) Professor Dr. Ramzi Mohd Hussain, PRBr

1) Universiti Teknologi Mara
2) International Islamic University of Malaysia

This module will be in two parts. The first part will discuss the role of streets and squares in urban development. Key concepts related to streets, namely types and categories of streets which accommodating different purposes; complete streets, which relate to the concepts of designing streets to be safe, comfortable and accessible to the users and street character to reflect the identity of the surrounding; and elements in urban area will be discussed in this module. In the context of the urban square, this module will explain the role of public space in urban areas as gathering places for events, markets or cultural activities; as urban focal points within urban areas which offer visual interest and a sense of place; and design and landscaping which involved the layout, landscaping, and architectural elements that reflect the aesthetics and functionality of the space. The second part will discuss the role of landscape, the concepts of green spaces and will introduce the modules of square and landscape in urban design to enhance the quality of life and environment; sustainable landscaping practices in promoting biodiversity; and resilience design, which designing landscape to mitigate the effect of climate change such as urban heat and flooding will also be discussed in this section. Lastly, this module will explain how these urban spaces are interconnected in urban design to create functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable urban environments that meet the needs of the users and communities.

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