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Module 2: Image of the City, Townscape and the Sense of Unity

2 Hours


11.00 AM

January 13, 2024

Professor (B) Dr. Shuhana Shamsuddin

Adjunct Professor Taylor’s University

This module will explain and discuss the three aspects of Urban Design that is important to achieve the goal of creating the sense of place. The elements that influence the image of the city and how it affects the urban structure will be discussed in the context of its relevance in Malaysia. The concept of townscape and its relationship to the image of the city will be explained to help clarify the misconception and inappropriate use of the concept to imply the identity of place. The elements that contribute to good townscape and the process of doing a townscape appraisal will be introduced. Finally, the theory of sense of unity and its importance in creating good townscape and contributing to the identity as well as image of the city will be discussed. The module concludes by examining how the three aspects can be integrated as part of a good urban design process to create cities with identity and sense of place.

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