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Module 12: Social & Political Aspects of Urban Design

2 Hours


3.45 PM

January 15, 2024

Dr Nurulhusna Qamaruz Zaman, PRBr

Universiti Teknologi MARA

This module will explain and discuss the social and political aspects of Urban Design practice that have an impact on the economic development and the sense of place of the city. It provides an overview of the policy framework and place governance aspects of spatial planning and placemaking process relevant to the Malaysian context. This module will unravel the government - private companies - civil society - local communities’ nexus, their roles, relationships, and the source of power that influences steering capacity in decisions on the urban environment shaped by market forces and local social demography. The module addresses the loopholes in the current policy framework in Malaysia that are lacking in formal consideration of urban design, provoking bottom-up actions from various groups, including local communities, civil societies and non-profit organizations. The module will also discuss the current mechanisms enabling the placemaking process, including collaborative planning and community engagement through various initiatives such as community grants and neighbourhood guidelines. The module concludes with advocating the need for enhanced inclusivity and participatory approaches to be effectively embraced for more sustainable cities that offer a better quality of life to their residents.

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