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Module 11: Urban Renewal, Regeneration and Urban Conservation

2 Hours


2.00 PM

January 15, 2024

1) Dr. Rohayah Che Amat, PRBr
2) Professor (B) Dr. Shuhana Shamsuddin, PRBr

1) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
2) Taylor’s University

This module will examine the issues relating to urban design and brownfield development that include urban renewal, urban regeneration and urban conservation. It highlights the challenges posed by urbanization, such as the threats to the erosion of the genius loci and sense of place, architectural integrity and the displacement of communities of established places of historical and cultural significance. The concept of urban renewal and urban regeneration in injecting life to declining places will be discussed in terms of how good urban design principles can be applied in the making of meaningful new urban places from areas that are facing decline and obsolescence. Examples of best practices of urban renewal and regeneration will be discussed in terms of how they could be applied in the context of Malaysia. This is then followed by a lecture on Urban Conservation" that delves into the critical aspects of preserving and revitalizing our architectural, cultural and historical urban landscapes and their contribution to a city's unique character. The methods and strategies employed in urban heritage conservation, encompassing architectural restoration, adaptive reuse of historic structures, and sustainable urban design will also be discussed. The lecture illustrates successful urban conservation projects and the transformative impact they have on the cities and how they can be applied in the context of Malaysia.

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