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Module 1: Fundamental of Urban Design in the Making of Cities

2 Hours


9.15 AM

January 13, 2024

Professor (B) Dr. Shuhana Shamsuddin

Adjunct Professor Taylor’s University

This module introduces Urban Design as a discipline and field of expertise that bridges the gap between Architecture and Town Planning. It provides the definitions, objectives and scope of Urban Design in establishing the focus of urban design that set it apart from the other disciplines affecting the built environment. An overview of the philosophy behind the establishment of urban design as a field that is concerned with the design of urban spaces and city form with the ultimate goal of achieving the sense of place will be discussed. The historical context of urbanization in Malaysia and impact on the urban form and its townscape together with the process of urban planning and city building will also be examined. The module concludes with the need for urban design to be embraced in this process to create more sustainable cities with identity for better quality of life to the urban residents.

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