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Ordinary / Associate Membership

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About the role

Want to join our group of experts and urban enthusiasts?

In PEREKABANDAR, we encourage all individuals who have something to give in the expansion of urban design advocacy. Whether you're an expert in the field or simply an enthusiastic urban actor, you have a place in our membership program. We discuss issues in regard to the development of the field of urban design in Malaysia.


Ordinary Member

  • Postgraduate Level in Urban Design or relevant studies

  • Expertise approved by the Board

Associate Member

  • Any field of studies is welcome to be an associate member

Student Member

  • You may need to be a student currently enrolled in a program related to urban design, architecture, planning, or a related field at a recognised institution.

  • You might be required to provide proof of your current student status, such as a copy of your student ID or a letter from your institution.


  • Discounted rates for all paid activities organised by the society.

  • Urban design email update - newsletter, latest news, research, events, jobs, directory, etc

  • A collective voice for the greater good of our urban environment.

  • A stronger network of experts in the field

  • By joining PEREKABANDAR, our voice will be heard.

  • Opportunities to advance new knowledge in urban design and sharpen your design skills through our training programs.

  • A better understanding of urban design through inter-professional collaboration

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As a non-profit, donations and in-kind support enable us to work towards our goal. You can support us financially or can join our group of urban enthusiasts

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