Be a Contributor

In our attempt to provide our members and all interested parties with the highest quality content possible, PEREKABANDAR continually seeks reputable contributions to develop content on urban design practices and issues in Malaysia.

What we're looking for?

City Writers

We invite observative writing, those who have a keen interest in how should our cities design. Imaginative, philosophical or even critics of Malaysian city design are welcomed. 


We also accept scholarly or research-oriented content; work that is complete and ready for “publication”, articles and/or book chapters that have already been published, theses/dissertations, interviews, reports, conference and workshop presentations, data sets, images, etc., in a variety of formats.

We welcome content related to one or more of the following areas from individuals in academia, research, civil society, government, international agencies and private sector:

  • Design’s impact on the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

  • Contributions of urban design to scientific research and/or policy development

  • New product development strategies, processes and successes

  • Local, regional and/or national challenges and opportunities


City Photographers

What makes cityscape photography unique is the rich and vibrant colour, dynamic composition, mystery, and a sense of emotion in every exposure.

We're looking for cityscape photographers who can tell stories through the art of photography whether it is in the form of aesthetic or informational. The photos will be used on our website and social spaces contributing to the owner.

City Filmmakers & Video Producers

We're looking to showcase urban design, people, and places - with an emphasis on rich storytelling and Your personal experience.

Video Stories can be produced in a variety of formats - suiting your personality and style. For instance, it could be a first-person vlog style video, or a short-form documentary. The purpose of Video Stories is to capture a story from the point of view of an Urban Enthusiast, in your authentic style.

To accompany your video is a 500-700 word original, first-person narrative. It must go beyond the destination itself to focus on the personal experience of the urbanist. The goal is to inspire readers/viewers to appreciate the design of their cities and encourage them to help make it better.

In particular, we're interested in licensing original video content that contains:

  • Brilliant storytelling​

  • Stories of the art of City Design

    • Including people, places, local connections, or new travel experiences

  • Professional standard of production including audio and video.

Benefits of Becoming a Contributor

Some benefits of becoming a Contributor include:

  • Take advantage of your membership status.

  • Contribute to PEREKABANDAR’s online knowledge library that will be shared with other urban enthusiasts.

  • The value of your work is fully realized when it can be shared with others.

  • Stepping stone to achieving your dreams or ambition on becoming a writer, photographer or videographer.


Get Involved

Contributors will volunteer their time and work within their area of expertise and play a key role in helping to shape PEREKABANDAR’s knowledge landscape.

Interested Contributors are asked to complete the submission form below and a designated PEREKABANDAR staff member will confirm these documents. Contributors will be notified of their status once submissions have been reviewed by the PEREKABANDAR Editorial Team.

For questions regarding becoming a Contributor, please contact us at