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The Pertubuhan Rekabentuk Bandar Malaysia (PEREKABANDAR) or the Malaysian Urban Design Association was registered as an NGO or an interest group society with the mission of being the voice that champion for good urban design practice in the country. Urban design is a field of expertise which bridges the gap between Architecture and Town Planning and is not related to a profession. Formal training in Urban Design at post graduate levels will give an added value to existing professionals in the built environment.


Expertise in Urban Design does enhance the skills of the existing professionals in the built environment to design better urban spaces and city form. As a non professional body, we see our role as similar to the Urban Design Group in the UK or Urban Design Alliance of Australia. PEREKABANDAR's role is to provide a platform for intellectual discourse, training and source of information with regards to urban design in this country in order to improve the quality of design of our cities.

Aim & Objectives

  • To champion good urban design as an important field of expertise in improving the design of the urban areas and improving people’s quality of life.


  • To promote high standards of urban design practice and place making in creating cities with identity and sense of place.

  • To educate and create awareness amongst the public and the relevant professionals in matters relating to urban design.

  • To advocate for sustainable design of public spaces and place making that is responsive to the traditions, climate, environmental and community needs.


  • Dato' Dr. Dolbani Bin Mijan

  • Dr. Ahmad Bashri Sulaiman

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